Instagram accounts that will feature your portrait photography:




Instagram accounts that will feature your portrait photography:

@quietthechaos – #quietthechaos – used 1,269,381k – 189k followers

@portraitpage – #portraitpage – used 2,122,690k – 549k followers

@waitingontheworld – #ftwotw – used 1,521,628k – 709k followers

@ofhumans – #featuredmeofh – used 1,279,380k – 248k followers

@expofilm – #expofilm – used 1,039,765 – 253k followers

@dark.daisies – #ftmedd – used 517,116k – 205k followers

@l0tsabraids_ – #l0tsabraids – used 539,454k times – 148k followers

@hinfluencercollective – #hinfluencercollective – used 111,008k times – 116k followers

@sticks_and_stones_agency – #postmypicssticks – used 139,886k times – 348k followers

@cheadsmagazine – #cheadsmagazine – used 117,093 times – 329k followers

@marvelous_shots – #marvelous_shots – used 136,872k times – 320k followers

@myphotoshop_ – #myphotoshop – used 136,726k times – 257k followers

@of2humans – #of2humans – used 105,549 times – 159k followers

@earth_portraits – #earth_portraits – used 283,105k times – 157k followers

@aovportraits – #aovportraits – used 68,568k times – 247k followers

@theportraitpr0ject – #theportraitpr0ject – used 217,046k times – 202k followers

@portraitmood – #portraitmood – used 1,739,368k times – 255k followers

@darkmornings – #darkmornings – used 56,417k times – 343k followers

@filmpalette – #featurepalette – used 816,316 times – 203k followers

@portraitmood – used 1,738,945 times – 255k followers

@silver.seas – #featuremeseas – used 299,435k times – 118k followers

@igpodium_portraits – #igpodium_portraits – used 350,224 times – 151k followers

@freepeople -#freepeople – used 1,263,533k times – 3m followers

@hot_is_the_new_black – #hotisthenewblack – used 49,830k times – 308k followers

@createcommune – #createcommune – used 2,850,289k times – 283k followers

@portraitsfromtheworld – #portraitsfromtheworld – used 20,363k times – 167k followers

@kdpeoplegallery  – #kdpeoplegallery – used 112,718k times – 296k followers

@majestic_people_ – #majestic_people_ – used 287,585k – 199k followers

@portraits_mf – #portraits_mf – used 60,279k times – 111k followers

@portraitfestival – #portraitfestival – used 126,719k times – 104k followers

@peoplephotatoes – #peoplephotatoes – used 7,524k times – 103k followers

@portraitsfromtheworld – #portraitsfromtheworld – used 28,841k times – 175k followers

@ourmoodydays – #ourmoodydays – used 91,732k times – 110k followers

@endlessfaces – #endlessfaces – used 77,618k times – 106k followers

@bravogreatphoto – #bravogreatphoto – used 238,669k times – 234k followers

@last.daze – #lastdaze – used 27,947k times – 226k followers

@thoughtcatalog – #thoughtcatalog – 172k followers

Instagram Feature Accounts for Photographers

Dear friend,

To get the most from your instagram posting, ensure to not only tag relevantly, but to also tag appropriate 'hubs' (feature accounts) which would be interested in your captivating images.

Side note -To take more captivating images, go forth and purchase a Sony A7ii here:

Do it for the gram

Do it for the gram

I know some sensational photographers whose work is not being appreciated, simply from lacking the effort or knowledge, to reach the world.

Why Instagram over Facebook or other social media? Instagram sees upwards of 200 million users every day, sharing almost 100 million photos and videos each day. 
Now Facebook has a much broader reach, in fact, almost ten times that number, but it's no easy task to reach people outside your usual circles. (Also, hands up anyone who would pay for reach when there is another option)

So let's take a look at one important way to get your art seen by the masses: hubs. 
These are accounts showcasing the best of their category, I will link these to make things easier for you when posting. 

Have a category you feel needs showcasing? Tell me here in the comments.

Magazines that will publish your portraiture

The ultimate validation right?

Monica of HAUS Models

Monica of HAUS Models

Being published is a a huge neon sign, beaming to the world that your work is wanted.
Perhaps you have a taste for it already and lust for more, or perhaps you have yet to enter the ranks of the editorials. 

Either way, this resource should become your reference page for magazines, and I assure you, there's an unmatched elation that comes when you glance at your phone checking the time, only to see the acceptance email for your current image set. 

Take this line - 'Thank you and welcome to Sheeba', even the closing lines proffer transcendence. 

Hypnotic, published in Sheeba Magazine

Hypnotic, published in Sheeba Magazine

I'm going to assume you have some groundbreaking content ready to astonish the masses. 

Generally submit each set to one magazine at a time, out of courtesy to the editor, one to two weeks should be a reasonable time frame to wait, if you have not recieved a response at that point it's time to continue through the list. 

I like to provide a collage of the images, as well as links to view them in Dropbox or Google Drive.

This is my list of magazines, both online and printed, who have so far been welcoming with photography submissions:

Note: This is by no means a comprehensive list, there are countless magazines to be added, so please offer your own suggestions in the comments below.

Fashion and Beauty


COLE Magazine

Jute Magazine 


Scorpio Jin



HUF Magazine


Sheeba Magazine


Last Daze

Leiden Magazine


Artistic Nude and Boudoir

Fuse Magazine


Femme Rebelle Magazine